What is Lyndsay Lamb Net Worth

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis have established themselves as a prosperous entrepreneur. But what is Lyndsay Lamb Net Worth? Her net worth is approximately $2 million.

The sisters co-own Lamb Real Estate. They are well-known due to their roles on the popular HGTV programs “Unsellable Houses” and “Rock the Block.”

Early Life and Career Beginnings of Lyndsay Lamb

Lyndsay Lamb was born on April 4, 1981, in the United States,. Lyndsay and Leslie were born and raised in Snohomish County, Washington. They had a lifelong love for real estate.

They were greatly influenced by their mother Kathy Kuna DeWitte. Lindsay Lamb’s family’s support was important in determining the direction of her career.

Lyndsay was employed as a Bank of America banker. But it wasn’t until she realized she had an aptitude for marketing that she found her true calling.

She was a director of marketing for a renowned company. During that time, Lyndsay honed her abilities to promote and sell real estate.

Information on Lyndsay Lamb:

Full NameLyndsay Lamb
Date of BirthApril 4, 1981
BirthplaceSnohomish, Washington, United States
OccupationReal Estate Agent, Businesswoman, TV Personality
CompanyLamb & Co. Real Estate
SisterLeslie Davis, Jennifer LaCourse Starling
Zodiac Sign / Birth SignAries
ChildrenKyler, Cash, Cole
Net Worth$2 million
Height5’ 10”
Marital StatusMarried

What is Lyndsay Lamb Net Worth in 2023?

It is believed that Lyndsay Lamb net worth is approximately $2 million. She has accumulated a total net worth of $10 million with her sister Leslie. Their numerous business endeavors contribute to their fortune.

Unsellable Houses Earnings

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis’ successful HGTV series provide for a sizable percentage of their earnings.

They are reportedly paid $300,000 a year to participate in “Unsellable Houses.” The sisters also earn about $30,000 every episode for showing off their skills and enthralling viewers with their distinct selves.

Real Estate Earnings

In addition to her income from television, Lyndsay Lamb makes money from her real estate company.

Lyndsay and Leslie have made a tidy profit on each of the more than 170 residences they have sold over the years. Each home they sell brings in around $100,000 on average, which adds to their total net worth.

Social Media Earnings

Lyndsay Lamb has made use of her fame on social media sites. Her large fan base enables her to monetarily generate income from her work.

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis’ social media partnerships and endorsements bringing in an estimated $70,000 annually.

Lyndsay and Leslie’s Show: Unsellable Houses

Leslie Davis and Lindsay Lamb became well-known after appearing on HGTV’s “Unsellable Houses.” The show centers on the twin sisters. They use clever remodeling and advertising strategies.

Their strategy assists homeowners in selling their previously unsellable homes. Lyndsay specializes in design and refurbishment. Her sister, Leslie, handles finance and negotiations.

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis on Unsellable Houses

“Unsellable Houses” was successful because of Lyndsay and Leslie’s original strategy. They put their own money into each job. This endeavor makes sure that the refurbishment is finished to the highest standard possible.

The sisters turn the ugly houses into gorgeous ones. As a result, they draw in potential buyers and increase the selling price.

Lyndsay Lamb Family: Husband, Son, and Sister

Lyndsay Lamb and her spouse Justin Lamb have had their achievements in the workplace. They have also established happy lives outside of it. They were married in 2002. Lindsay and Justin had been together for more than 21 years.

Their child, Miles, battled cancer when he was very young. To care for her son during his treatment, Lyndsay took a leave from her company. Miles no longer has cancer. So, the Lamb family treasures their time together.

Lyndsay and Leslie are deeply engaged in charitable activities within their local community. They have a strong desire to improve people’s lives. They also want to give back to the community.

Interesting Facts on Lyndsay Lamb

Here are some interesting and fun facts on Lyndsay Lamb:

  • Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are professional house flippers.
  • The show Unsellable Houses is set in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle.
  • Lyndsay Lamb and her sister are both philanthropists.
  • The sisters have a great on-screen chemistry which attracts the viewers.
  • They have recently shared how they landed the HGTV show “Unsellable Houses” in an interview.
  • The 4th season of Unsellable Houses is by far the most stressful according to Lyndsay Lamb.

Lyndsay Lamb Net Worth – FAQs

How old is Lyndsay Lamb from Unsellable Houses?

Lyndsay Lamb is 42 years of age as of 2023.

What is the weight of Lyndsay Lamb?

Lyndsay Lamb weighs around 65 kilograms or 143 lbs.

Who are Lyndsay Lamb’s parents?

Lyndsay Lamb’s mother is Kathy Kuna DeWitte. Her father is not known yet.

Is Lyndsay Lamb married?

Yes, she married her high school lover Justin Lamb in 2002.

Does Lyndsay Lamb have any children?

Yes, Lyndsay Lamb and Justin Lamb have 3 children together.

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