Who is Sebastian Clovis wife

Although there have been quite a few rumors surrounding Sebastin Clovis’ love life there has not been any significant proof that ties him to a significant other.

A man as handsome and successful in life as Sebastian Clovis should have no problem finding love in the world. You will be surprised to learn the actual truth about Sebastian Clovis Wife.

Sebastian Clovis Background

Sebastian James Clovis, also known as the HGTV home renovation host, is a public celebrity in Canada.

He appears on popular renovation TV series like Save My Reno and Gut Job along with his co-hosts Sabrina Smelko and Samantha Pynn.

Although recently it has only been Clovis and Samantha keeping the shows alive.

Find full details on Sebastian Clovis below:


Sebastian was born in England and migrated to Canada with his family at the age of six.

His mother, Clare is from Kenya and works as a nurse. while his father is from St. Lucia.

He has a mixed background and his household is culturally rich. Here are some details on Sebastian Clovis:

Sebastian Clovis Info:

NameSebastian James Clovis
Birth DateSeptember 1, 1979
Height6 feet 1 inch (185m)
Weight206 lbs
Current ProfessionBuilder, Contractor, TV Public Figure
Marital StatusN/A
CollegeState University of New York College, Fredonia

Sebastian Clovis Socials:

Early Age and Career as an Athlete

Sebastian was very athletic from an early age. He used to run around kicking football all over the house and his parents had tough luck trying to catch him.

He went to the Neil McNeil High School where he joined the track & field club and became an athlete in their football team.

Being a good athlete, he always got offers from different institutions and had to switch schools quite often.

He got a scholarship at Mississippi State University. After a while, Clovis transferred to St. Mary’s University to play for their football team which is known as the Huskies.

BC Lions drafted him for the 2005 Canadian Football League (CFL) and later went on to play for the Lions in 2006.

He ended his football career with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and got the nickname “The Missile”.

Family Members

Sebastian has four other siblings who are younger than him. One of them, Tristian also used to play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

His father is a high school science teacher in Toronto, Canada.

Prodigy in Carpentry

Sebastian became famous for his renovation jobs. When his parents renovated their house, he asked the renovator to be his apprentice.

His career in building and renovating went straight uphill from there. He has worked on multiple projects with older homes in and around Toronto.

What sets Clovis apart from others is the intricate knowledge and delicate handling of older building materials.

Sebastian Clovis Wife: Does He Have a Significant Other?

Sebastian Clovis is a very private person. The jolly and extrovert we see on TV is far apart from how he handles his personal life on the internet.

Relationship Status

There are a lot of speculations on his marital status but no solid proof. Sebastian Clovis keeps his personal life very private.

Sebastian was never tied to another person. There is no news about him being seen with someone on a date or even enjoying a warm cup of coffee on Valentine’s Day.

So far, there is zero information on a significant other or even a lover. For the time being, it seems Sebastian Clovis is single.

He frequently posts selfies and photos with other celebrities and renovators. His most notable closest friends include:

  1. Samantha Pynn
  2. Sabrina Smelko
  3. Mia Parres.
Sebastian and Samantha

(Sebastian and Samantha on Gut Job)

Sebastian and Mia

(Sebastian and Mia on Twitter)

Sebastian and Sabrina

(Sebastian and Sabrina: Save My Reno)

Sexual Orientation

Sebastian Clovis has never announced his sexual orientation. So that too leaves his fans guessing who he is really into.

Without him coming out with his sexual orientation, it is unethical to assume his relationship status let alone ask about his “wife”.

Sebastian Clovis: Current Whereabouts

Sebastian is currently running his website: https://sebastianclovis.com/ and working with other renovators to complete interesting projects.

He also runs the Gut Job show on HGTV. He is the sole host and occasionally brings in guest co-hosts to help him make fun content.

Clovis is also working as a general contractor with brands like Velux, Royer, and IRWIN backing him up.

His current vision is to mentor the upcoming generation and pass on all the insights he has on renovation and building.

Sebastian Clovis Wife – (FAQs)

How long did Sebastian Clovis play Football?

Around 3 years until his second injury.

How old is Sebastian Clovis?

44 years.

What happened to Sabrina on Save My Reno?

She moved to the United Kingdom.

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